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    March 27, 2013 by racchanKD

    Originally posted on Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity:
    We all have certain ideas about what success means and how it appears. At one time,…

  2. From Zero to 30 Degree Celcius

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    February 26, 2013 by racchanKD

    Moshi Mosh,, I just arrived in Indonesia day before yesterday with a mix of joyfulness-because of Kansai Trip and worried-caused …
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  3. Pandora Hearts 80 – [Oscar Vezallius]


    December 18, 2012 by racchanKD

    The Feeling from a child who you think as your own son, is hard to be forgotten

    Konban-wa G-Fantasy December 2012 is finally out!  This is the first time I buy this magazine, while I’m in Japan, …
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  4. The Hobbit + The Lord of The Rings + BBC Sherlock [Off the Pill]

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    December 15, 2012 by racchanKD

    at first in Japanese Shukudai, I wronged it as ホッビト

    3 a.m. 15.12.12 The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead …
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  5. Wanita Tidak Boleh Bermimpi!

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    November 15, 2012 by racchanKD

    Apa salah kalau saya bermimpi menjadi selayaknya seorang Siti Khadijah? Saya rasa tidak. Siti Khadijah adalah wanita yang paling dicintai …
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  6. Happy Graduation, TI 08, ITB 2008!

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    October 20, 2012 by racchanKD

    Teknik Industri ITB 2008

    Tonight when I walked on the street on my way home after practised Angklung, a glimpse of thought flying in …
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  7. The Difference between United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England?


    September 13, 2012 by racchanKD

    Great Britain Grunge National Flag

    Banyak yang bingung ga sih bedanya United Kingdom (Indonesia : Kerajaan Bersatu Britania Raya dan Irlandia Utara), Great Britain (Britania Raya), …
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