Essay Gue, Nih


January 5, 2008 by racchanKD

Eni essay yg gw kirimin ke ntu pas apply bwt beasiswa

Tapi pas itu gw modifikasi soalx more than 300 words

here this

An Unforgettable Childhood Memory

This event has happened more than 12 years ago. But, a traumatic event for a child, will always bears in their mind.

An unfortunate events

12 years ago, I was a common kid, who like playing and I used to be curious in every new thing. In my house environment, I had many friends, whom almost all of them were boys, and my favorite game was football. Unfortunately, that happiness didn’t accompany me when I was in my kindergarten. My kindergarten was an elite place, where the kids of rich people in my town school. Since no one cared about me, I was a gloomy kid. My teacher prefer joking with my other friends to me. Later, I realized that it happened as my parents never gave a gift to my teacher, it was different from my other friend’s mum. Although my parents were wealth enough, my parents never wanted to give something without any clear reason.

My friend also didn’t like to get along with me.

Moreover, a friend who I considered as my best friend also avoided me. She deemed we were in different level because I wasn’t rich as her.

From Zero to Heroine

Entering the second year in my kindergarten, I was moved to a new class, the teacher who taught me was also changed. I started to follow some competition and I won it. So did my former best friend. She was the number one competitor in all competition I follow.

My second year went a little better.

The D-Day of my graduation came. I was upset to be apart with my friends, but I eagerly wait for this moment. After some entertainment event- I presented dance and sang – apparently, the last part was the announcement of the best graduation. Obviously, I was very surprised when my name announced as the best graduate. My parents sitting in the audience seat cried uproarious. My former best friend just being number II.


12 years later in this very moment, I am now. I meet again with my kindergarten friends. And I just realize that I much better than them.


3 thoughts on “Essay Gue, Nih

  1. hanoi says:

    deuh ratih pede beneerr.. hahaha.
    masa kecil hanoi.. maen barbie kertas (tau ga?) sama tetangga dan berimajinasi sailor moon..hahaha

  2. Ibung says:

    wedok seneng bal2an?

  3. ratih says:

    Ya haru di PD-PD in,, ini essai buat masuk Universitas dlu, tpi g keterima..heu..

    Sailormoon? Kesukaan cewek2 manja, itu image yg ada di kepala, langsung berubah begitu tau tmen aq yg keren jg suka Sailormoon, hha3

    @Bung Ibung:
    sepakbola kan olahraga. Baru kerasa asyiknya setelah dimainkan.

    Ada masalah?

    (huu,, serem jugak,, hahaha)

    Endak, intinya untuk fase now saya bersyukur banget,,alhamduLILLAH…. walaupun saya dulu gak lebih kaya dari mereka, dijailin terus…..

    waww, intinya rencana ALLAH paling indah 🙂

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