Learn Japanese from Detective Conan

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February 4, 2011 by racchanKD

I took it from http://detectiveconanfanclub.com/others/learn-japanese

Note that macrons (ā, ē, ī, ō, ū) represent prolonged vowels. In Japanese, prolonged vowels are held for twice as long as normal vowels.

The following are a list of words that appear very often in Detective Conan:

Word Rōmaji Meaning
殺人 satsujin murder
事件 jiken (criminal) case
事故 jiko accident
推理 suiri reasoning
証拠 shōko evidence
犯人 hannin criminal/culprit
警察 keisatsu police
警部 keibu inspector

The following table shows how family members are addressed in Japan.

  • The “polite” form: Used when addressing the listener’s family members
  • The “humble” form: Used when speaking about your own family members

To illustrate the above, when I talk about “your father” I will say “otousan”, while “my father” will be “chichi”.

Word Romaji Meaning Word Romaji Meaning
お父さん otousan     (polite) father お母さん okaasan (polite) mother
chichi    (humble) haha (humble)
ご子息 goshisoku  (polite) son お嬢さん ojousan (polite) daughter
息子 musuko (humble) musume (humble)
お兄さん oniisan       (polite) elder brother お姉さん oneesan (polite) elder sister
ani         (humble) ane (humble)
弟さん otoutosan (polite) younger
妹さん imoutosan (polite) younger sister
otouto   (humble) imouto (humble)
おじいさん ojiisan       (polite) grandfather おばあさん obaasan (polite) grandmother
祖父 sofu        (humble) 祖母 sobo (humble)

Detective Conan’s tagline:

One truth prevails!
shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!


Word Rōmaji Meaning
真実 shinjitsu truth
いつも itsumo always
一つ hitotsu one

As you can see, the line literally means “there is always only one truth”.


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