Final Fantasy Dissidia 012

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May 28, 2012 by racchanKD

What I’m going to share with you guys is an adorable game made by SquareEnix for PlayStation Portable.  Well I said that this is adorable because it brings so much content just in one game, it isn’t a canon story for FF Series, yet SquareEnix really bring their effort to FF Fan (either you are or not) and I think they deserve an appreciation for it. 🙂 At least I will give my appreciation from my writing 🙂

So Dissidia 012 (read: Duodecim), is an Action-RPG Game and prequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy.  I recommend you to buy 012 because it covers the story from the last game and add the new story, it has new 7 character (and many more addo), and it cost only $29 (compare the last Dissidia cost $39) (although I got it for free :p, Indonesia is really something!) .

Battle System

You will find out that this game has a different battle system, I mean like no one ever did this before.  My cousin said he didn’t play this game while he has it because he didn’t understand how to play it.  But it’s the strength point from this game.  You can’t just press X buton (like what we usually do in RPG Combat :p) .  you can still lose from lower level enemy if you don’t have good skill.  I will give brief explanation on how the battle system goes.

Your attack is divided into two kind: Bravery Attack and HP Attack.  Your Bravery points decide how much HP Attack you will do.  Gain more bravery to land a killing blow.

Now what I’m going to discuss is the character itself.  It brings all of the main character from Final Fantasy Series.  So far, I played FF VIII (only half of the game, because if you have a PSX Series 9, it cannot unlocked one location which contain an important Summon, I’m upset, hha2), FFIX (I finish this game when I was in Junior High School and I only need to defeat the final boss which then continued by my brother (I never want to finish it for some reason), FF X (get bored in the middle), and FF XII.  Never finish the last two game because I don’t have PS2, I only borrow the console from my cousin and my friend :p.  I played FF I, II, V, VI in GBA Emulator and also FF III and FF IV in NDS.  Never play it till the end cuz I get bored (again) from classic RPG.  I am the action-type :D.

And the last was FF XIII for PS3, I never play it but I understand the whole story from YouTube.  And since then, I am really craving for play it (º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀) .  The graphic is awesooome, the battle system really developed, it’s not only attack and summon like the older RPG-system did, it has a cool system called Paradigm Shift.  And what more because the heroin is coool, Lightning Farron, I don’t know why she ressemble me so much (kidding).

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Really, if you are a FF player, this game is a must buy list for you!

The Suittest Character

Everyone must have their own battle style.  For me, I prefer the swift , quick hit style.  My best choice is Onion Knight.

Onion Knight artwork.jpg

The alternative are Yuna (she can hit some ass in a safe distance, make her almost immortal with my strategy), Sephiroth (many attack come from single bravery attack and his Death Angel can make enemy bravery become 1), Firion (the best in land combat), and Cloud of the Darkness.

Golbez also a good choice, his HP attack is so easy to land and I just need to hit Square button consecutively, Squall can rape your bravery, Zidane is also a swift player with good acrobatic mid-air motion (he is my former favourite).

That’s from the battle, but my favourite from the story, never fail, Bartz Klautser (FF V).  Just like Zack from FF Crisis Core,  he is funny, easy going, super carefree, adventurous and at the same time, careless and naive.    I think I have a feeling for him because I see my reflection in it -_-


His story is simple, care for Squall because he is lonesome, have a treasure race with Zidane,  get trapped because of Zidane hatter, trying to save Zidane with Squall.  It is easy to understand, unlike the other part story which fill with fluufy words, the story is only one of minus point from this game.


Actually it just like another FF but more vague.   The setup is simple enough Cosmos (good guy) and Chaos (bad guy) conflict, but the storytelling is often an excruciating mess of superficial conversations in which every character is reduced to a single personality trait. Everyone uses a lot of words to say nothing at all (“I took a risk to believe in a chance”), and they drone on about the nature of friendship as if they were quoting from Chicken Soup for the Shallow Soul.  Haha, I appreciate the friendship, but the other part make me want to push Skip button.

Tips for Battle

I have a setting which can make you somewhat immortal

Remove all your equipments and adjust your level to 1 (yeah, the lv.1 can beat lv. 100++, it is all about the strategy, man!)

– Smiting Soul (can inflict Iai Strike which cause Break to opponent) (you can get it by defeat Farplane Mog Battle Card)

Accessory Booster that make your Iai Strike Probabiliry become 99.9% so you always break your opponent (cool!)
– Weaponless
– Gloveless
– Hatless
– Armorless
– Level 1-9
– Level Gap 90 (10x)

– Another accessory booster that cost 1.3x (Pre-EX Revenge, Pre-Assist)

– Safety Bit (need it because your HP is so low from decreasing your own Level)

Change the mode to EX-Centric, whenever your HP reach 1 because opponent attack, it will regenerate automatically from EX-Mode.  So you will never die unless your opponent hit your HP twice from their EX-Mode.

This strategy is really come in handy when you enter long and super hard dungeon in the further part of Scenario 000, Confession of The Creator.

Advantage for playing

It will develop your English speaking comprehension, really.  The voice actor is so good you can imitate them to get a classy pronounciation.  I wrote the beginning of this article after I play 012 and continue the rest after not playing for a long time.  You can compare it, my English at the beginning is better, right?

Develop your strategy skill.  After you play this game, you gonna have a paradigm that strategy is 80% of successfull execution.  Not all of the enemy can be defeat by same strategy, you need to change it dynamically, it is challenging!

Give you complete collection from FF Series.  You will get huge inventory, a lot of equipment combination all come from the previous tittle, many sound theme from FF Series, when I play it for the first time, I know this game was made bay a lot of effort and sincerity from the developer for their fans.  I wonder how all of that thing could fit in 1,3 GB of memory.  So many things to explore, even 100 hours playing time, you still only reach about 60% of the game.

Gorgeous Graphic Dissidia 012

Disavantage for playing

Surely it will waste your time, don’t even started if you can’t end it.  Get a real life and real action, man! 😀


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