From Zero to 30 Degree Celcius

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February 26, 2013 by racchanKD


Bandon e Youkoso! (Bandung Airport)

Moshi Mosh,,

I just arrived in Indonesia day before yesterday with a mix of joyfulness-because of Kansai Trip and worried-caused by my Final Project.  I arrived in Surabaya, a city that basically one of the hottest in Indonesia.  With four layer of clothes after have a day in Osaka, two inner shirt, one cardigan, one coat, and earmuff, I really want to rip it away on the hot and humid climate. Haha.  In my life, summer come really fast, without spring.  From zero degree in Kansai to Thirty something in Surabaya.  Sweat owyieah.

What I feel relieved (and strange) after coming back, whenever I go out, I don’t need to put mitten or gloves, wear coat, use fluffy socks,, and it’s weird that I have slight worry that I will feel cold, kkk. I just need to wear a shirt or blouse, just that! (off course don’t forget wear skirt or pants, kkk).  And now, I even put off my socks whenever I get a chance.  It’s on the floor now. kkk.

But yeah! I already miss Japan, I miss the people,, all of foreign students there, all of Indonesian people in Nagoya (double kiss, muah), and Japanese culture.

Definitely if Allah give a chance again, will come back. 🙂

#Written on IE ITB Library.  hot!


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