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March 27, 2013 by racchanKD

Anything that is natural does not have to be proved:)

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity

We all have certain ideas about what success means and how it appears. At one time, I thought that one measure of success was how you deal with stress. Since stress seems unavoidable, happier people seem to have figured out a way to alleviate or even eradicate stress.

So, you could say that I equate success with personal happiness. As for greatness, I know that we can all be great. We all are. Greatness is not a matter of superiority over others, but an internal matter. It is a knowledge that we either have or don’t have. I guarantee that no great genius ever got very far if he thought he was useless and stupid. No, they got there because they knew they were great.

Greatness is not a wish or a desire, it is a deep knowing. A way of succeeding where others might fail. Why do great people…

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