30 Days to Change Your Store

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Hello there!
I am an Engineer right now, yeah, I already graduated from Industrial Engineering ITB. Cihuy! Plus Nagoya University one semester, teehee. That shud make me a skillfull Industrial Engineer, innit? Should be, if I learn something,, but if not, then I’m done. Just wasting my delightful time. So right now is the “judgment day”, my friend said but err.. that term rather quirky so let’s say the day of revelation, whether I really learn and understand something or not.

So yeah, it already 5 days after I graduated. And you know, my work is a ton,, such as recovery, doing stupid thing, doing silly thing, and so. As my motto play first work later and I am enough of playing, it’s a time for work now. Okay, so according to my plan while I’m in home, I want my family to eat healthy food, eat properly, eat breakfast together and pray together, and the fact is… it is rather hard to realize. Why? Because.. because… my house is a total mess! Yeah total mess! Me, who already 5 months in Japan where everything is neatly in order with logic to make people’s life happier,, and for more addo, 1 month life with Reni who always getting hungry and angry when your belongings is not in place, just make my mind exercised to see everything in order (Oh yeah, people change, y’ know!). Yeah, your house messed up you become lazy, seriously, and when you become used to it, you just ignore it, go to your comfy bed and forget everything.
So instead all of those activities above, one thing that I need to do is, get some big boxes, stuffed everything old and unused into it, and clean all the Mess! Go go go! (In fact what am I doing is runaway to my aunt’s place,, no no no what am I doing there is trying to get some inspiration.. and some delicious food :3).

One more thing that I want to do when I’m in home isshh…
Help my mom to get rid of her store.. no I mean to correct her store’s system.
Huft. Yeah, tonight the discussion is going again, just the similar one every time our family meets. It is about business. Taa daah! I like to hear a new improvement, new idea, an expansion, a strategy about a business. But this, the same problem that goes on roll on for some time that probably the same with years spent on the making of The Hobbit Trilogy and Twilight Trilogy (it become four apparently, meh).

Yeah, the discussion tonight just triggered me, just spark a fire on my fuse, that this is the time the smart kid need to ‘elp.


So this section is dedicated for what I do in 30 days to ‘elp my mother. I hope I can get control by WordPress by written it, or by you people who read it, that I have a promise to make my mother’s store profit doubled and more important my mother can go to Hajj,, yea! Aamiin. Pray (smooch).
If you find a mistake on how I try to handle this, I really appreciate your kindness to correct me on comment.
O yea, my mother’s store is a frozen food distributor. It sells various kind of Frozen Food


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